Taiwanese Men And Women Are Lining Up To Meet “World’s Hottest Bean Curd Seller”

Taiwan shoppers are lining up around the block to buy bean curd from a hunky vendor labeled the “hottest bean curd seller” as craze for hottest street sellers grows in Asia.



Chen Yitin is the latest hunk to emerge amid a search for the sexiest vendors in Taiwan after photos of the 26-year-old went viral on social media.



Yitin, who stands at 5ft 8in, works a stall in the Beitou district of Taipei called “Most Traditional Bean Curd Flower” which specializes in Chinese pudding made of soft tofu drenched in sugar syrup.

The photographs show the 5ft 8in vendor hard at work at the stall in the Beitou district of Taipei, including a number in which he is pictured topless.


The Daily Mail adds:

However, he has attracted controversy after social media users discovered through his Facebook profile that he also works as a professional model, as well as at Mercedes-Benz.

Critics suggest that he had been looking for publicity after his steamy modelling photographs emerged.

Pic shows: The man become in famous because he pretended to be a humble stewed bean salesman although he was already famous because he was a professional model. Calls are growing for a man who shot to the top of a number of best looking lists by pretending to be a humble stewed bean salesman to lose his titles after it was revealed he was already a professional model. Over the last 12 months social media has been alive with people photographing good-looking people working in ordinary jobs with all sorts of lists appearing for people to post examples from their own areas. That was something used by professional model Chen Ting-yi, who stripped down to the waist and took up a job helping his uncle sell beans to hungry customers in  Beitou District in north Taiwan’s capital Taipei City. He was then 'discovered' by a photographer who posted the images online where they quickly went viral, and causing him to top several good-looking lists including "Hottest bean curd vendor" and "Hottest cake vendor" as well as other 'good looking' categories across Taiwan and China. But he proved too successful as the images became such hot property that people then went online to try and track him down, and not only found his Facebook profile where he was identified, but also been discovered that he was already a professional model with a number of successful TV and poster campaigns behind him. Angry online users said that using a professional model violated the spirit of the various competitions which was to photograph ordinary people who stood out with their good looks doing ordinary jobs. Chen Ting-yi, the much talked about 26-year-old model, has so far refused to comment on whether the rumours it was all a publicity stunt are true or not. (ends)

This has been denied by his modelling agency, but Mr Chen has not yet commented.

There is an ongoing trend to search for the ‘best-looking’ workers in Taiwan as well as the Chinese mainland.

Before Mr Chen was thrust into the limelight, shoppers in Taipei have already mobbed two other ‘best-looking’ traders, according to the People’s Daily Online.

Zhang Caijie, 25, who sells meat in Dongmen Market, is dubbed the hottest butcher; while baker You Shenglun, 20, drives shoppers crazy with his six-pack abs in a rice stand in Donghu Market.