Westboro Baptist Church’s Armageddon Prediction After Gay Marriage Didn’t Happen, Awkward!

Marriage Equality is now the law of the land and the sky still hasn’t fallen as many homophobic groups like the Westboro Baptist Church had predicted!

That means this is going to be a rough week for the WBC, who just happen to live across the street from America’s most famous rainbow house, the Equality House.

The non-profit group Planting Peace has bought a house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka and has painted the home a rainbow of colors. The group's co-founder, Aaron Jackson (from left), along with Davis Hammet and Robert Gisser, held one of their banners on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.   20130402

“We thought, why not be neighborly and bake them some cookies to help lighten the mood and disappointment of hell not reigning upon us all,” writes Equality House. “We need everyone to participate!”

The Westboro Baptist Church compound.

For every donation Equality House receives, they will send a delicious pride cookie to the WBC, and the money raised will go towards providing a wedding venue for LGBTQ couples who would like to be married – a union recognized now in ALL 50 states – at the Equality House.

“For decades, hate groups and certain religious leaders have been predicting that fire and brimstone will reign upon us if marriage equality became the law of the land,” Equality House founder Aaron Jackson told TheGailyGrind. “Now that we are celebrating marriage equality, it must be a slightly awkward that Armageddon didn’t happen like they prophesized. Although they gave us so much pain let’s ease theirs – extend an olive branch – rainbow cookies for all hate groups!”

If you would like to help contribute the Equality House fundraiser, click here.