Florida Wrestling Coach Arrested For Tricking Teen Boys Into Sharing Nudes

Do you know who you’re sending nudes to online?

An assistant wrestling coach at a Tampa, Florida high school has been arrested for posing as a woman on social media to trick teenage boys into sharing nude photos of themselves.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office accuses 22-year-old Carlos Perez of posing as a female and befriending teenage boys online for the past five years.

“Back in 2011 Carlos was a high school student and opened a Facebook page as Alayna Dentry,” said Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Fox WTVT reports:

Deputies say since then Perez, posing as Alayna Dentry, and eliciting nude photos from them.

They arrested him Wednesday night on two counts of transmission of material harmful to a minor, and deputies say additional charges are possible.

Carlos Perez Mugshot

“This is extremely harmful to citizens our kids. It’s troublesome as a parent to think that this individual was out there as a coach to wrestling kids. Then he was turning around and exploiting them,” said Nocco.

The arrest affidavit says Perez admitted that he was tricking the teens, and that he was aware they were minors because he knew some of them personally.

He provided the names of multiple victims, but so far investigators say they have only identified two of them.

Perez was not a full-time employee of the school district. He’d been with the team for the last four years and officials say his contract pertained only to the high school wrestling season. His contract ended in March.

“I’ve talked to the principal. She was shocked. She knew him for years. The head coach was beside himself,’ said Linda Cobbe, with the Pasco County School District.

Carlos Perez via Linkedin

“I didn’t think that something, especially a teacher, would do something like that at my school ,’ said Christopher Cruz.

Cruz is a rising Sophomore at Wesley Chapel High. Like most kids his age he read the news through social media.

“The first thing that came to mind is why would someone do that. It’s so disgusting that someone would do something like that, especially a coach at a high school,” said Cruz.

Carlos Perez via G+