Satisfy Your Nightmarish Clown Fetish With Sugar Weasel The World’s First Clown Escort

What is your secret fetish?

If you answered naked clowns, you are in for quite a treat!


Meet Sugar Weasal, America’s first (and possibly only) clown escort.

He’s been turning frowns upside down since the 1990s.

Sugar Weasal (real name Doug Wright), told Vice he started out running ads in the back of local newspapers in Los Angeles and can be found hosting concerts, photo shoots, dominatrix work, and bachelorette parties nowadays.

And what is he best known for, you might ask? “Besides a great big dick?” teases Weasel. “Actually, that’s it. My clientele is extremely diverse: recent divorcées, bachelorettes, punk rock chicks, and married women looking to fuck a grown man in make-up who acts mentally retarded.”


“I’ve been clowning for over 20 years in some fashion,” he tells Vice. “Originally I would feign heart attacks or commit suicide, usually at the expense of some unsuspecting partygoers who thought they had hired a Christian clown. The clown escort thing came later, when I was doing a gig at a gentleman’s club and the strippers were all trying to hit my shit.”

For all you boys interested in hiring Weasel for the night, he says: “I’ll do gay clubs or bar openings but I don’t have male clients. I’m not homophobic but my junk doesn’t work that way. Guess I’m just a ladies’ man.”

Weasel says he is deathly afraid of butt plus: “I don’t want anything larger than a baby carrot near my butthole.”

So there you have it! Check out his hilarious website here, and more photos below:





h/t: NNN