Christian Pastor Portrays Gay Scout Leaders As Predators On Church’s Digital Billboard

A Florida pastor is spreading his Christian love by broadcasting a disgusting anti-gay message on his church’s outdoor digital billboard.

Pastor K.C. McCay is under fire for portraying gay scout leaders as sexual predators but he insists he doesn’t hate anyone.

“Gay scout leaders are like,” the first part of the message reads. “Well…You know,” reads the second part, which includes an image of a fox and a baby chick, implying gay scout leaders are predators feeding on defenseless children.

“He’s trying to portray them as predators,” says Sarasota Pride member Jeanie Keenan, who finds the sign offensive. “His message isn’t Godly it’s hateful.”

“I hate people if I disagree with them —that’s absolutely false,” says K.C. McCay pastor of Congregational Church in Nokomis just south of Sarasota, Florida.

McCay admitted to WTSP-TV that he was only using the sign as bait to provoke a response and is his way of opposing gay scout leaders. He also alleges that he was molested as a scout.
WPTV adds:

McCay’s generalization of scout leaders who are gay is upsetting to Keenan.

She says, “What I argue is it is ill informed, uneducated and doing a disservice to our community in Sarasota.”

When asked if he hates homosexuals McCay says, “Absolutely no.”

“God loves everybody, he doesn’t love the sin,” he adds.

“It shows we still have a lot of work to do across Florida and the country,” says Keenan.

Mccay says his church welcomes everyone. He says, “Our church loves homosexuals, loves murders, adulterers. We serve people for Christ not here to bring hate to anybody we don’t hate…but we have a right to free speech.”

“If he wants to be a community leader be a community leader for good not for hate,” says Keenan.

Both Pastor McCay and Sarasota Pride says they want to sit down and talk out their differences but with both sides being so passionate and messages like this some wonder if that meeting will ever happen.

h/t: NCRM