Residents Of ‘Bruce Jenner Lane’ Debate Whether To Rename Street ‘Caitlyn’

Residents of Bruce Jenner Lane in Austin, Texas, are now considering changing the name of their street after Caitlyn Jenner asked the world to “Call me Caitlyn” on the cover of Vanity Fair.


“Should we put both [names] on there? Tape one underneath it?” resident Ray Briggs told KVUE. “I thought about doing that myself.”

Briggs lives in the Olympic Heights neighborhood in South Austin with streets all named after famous Olympians.

Not all residents are happy with the name change idea even though they support Jenner’s transition.

“I don’t care what [she] did with [her] life because that’s [her] personal choice,” one resident told ABC News. “But I’d rather not change the street name. That’s just a lot of paperwork, you know?”

To officially change a street name, at half of the street’s residents have to sign a formal petition to Austin approving the new street name, and the city council must approve it as well, according to the city’s website.

“If the city council and residents of our community want to change the name of Bruce Jenner Lane to Caitlyn Jenner Lane, the board has no issue,” Olympic Heights’ board members told ABC News today in a statement. “However, it is something as a board, we are not actively pursuing.”

“We just hope that someone is smart enough to realize all the trouble it’s going to cause for regular people if you change the name,” Briggs said.