College Baseball Player Hates His Giant Booty, Goes On A Diet To Slim It Down

Derec is a 22-year-old college baseball player blessed with a big delicious beefy bubble butt that would make most envious. But the 22-year-old hates his big booty so much, he decided to share his painful secret on last night’s True Life: I Hate My Butt.

Derec says his bubble butt attracts unwanted attention from admires who go as far as grabbing, slapping, and name-calling his booty.

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He says he doesn’t like the lack of control he feels in these situations of nonconsensual grab-ass. “All I want is the respect of my peers and to wear a normal pair of pants,” he told the cameras while swimsuit shopping.

Gawker adds:

Derec never discusses the advantages of having a perfectly round baseball butt. Maybe he doesn’t see it this way, but I feel like in terms of attracting a mate, a big ass must be a big asset. Unlike a big dick, which may scare some partners away, a big butt will at worst be met with apathy. Otherwise, Derec’s the caboose of the Enthusiasm Express. Given the popularity of rimming these days with people of all stripes, you know that Derec can get his ass eaten by whomever he pleases whenever. Who wouldn’t want to stick their face in that?

Derec eventually goes on a diet to lose weight in order to slim down his large caboose.

Check out the episode below which features two women who ironically, are doing anything they can to make their asses bigger.