Coca-Cola Is Running A Beautiful Ad Featuring 2 Dads And Their Baby, Guess Where

Can you guess which country Coca-Cola is running this beautiful ad featuring two fathers and their baby?

If you guessed the Netherlands, you are absolutely right!

The advertisement’s tagline reads, ”’We choose happiness over tradition.’ – The Van Bergen family,” and is accompanied by a photo of a family playing with their toddler. 

This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola has featured a same-sex family in an ad. Back in 2014, the world’s largest carbonated soft drinks company made history by showing a male couple and their daughter rollerskating together in a Super Bowl ad while “America the Beautiful” played in the background.

“Strong Coca-Cola ad at a metro station in the Netherlands,” wrote reddit user Joey9221.

And yes, the ad has already been turned into a viral internet “One Direction” meme:

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