Steamy Hot, Man-On-Man Sex Is The Cause Of California’s Mega-Drought Says Christian Radio Host

Gays are responsible for pretty much all of the natural disasters currently facing our beautiful Christian nation, that is according to amateur weatherman and Christian radio broadcaster Rick Wiles who also happens to specialize in “end times” predictions.

The TruNews host is once again claiming that California’s mega-drought, along with the bird flu and other viruses, are a direct result of God punishing America until it decides to ban same-sex marriage and criminalize abortion.

“Add it up: Bird flu is killing tens of millions of chickens and turkeys, a mysterious virus is killing millions of piglets, a mysterious colony-collapse disorder is killing billions of honeybees, California is in the throes of a mega-drought unlike anything seen in over 1,200 years. Why? The answer is very simple: America is in a state of rebellion against almighty God,” Wiles said.

Americans are “obsessed with sexual perversion” and “murder millions of babies,” Wiles said, “and we wonder why the food supply is diminishing? God is cutting off America’s food supply. It will get worse in the days ahead if the nation does not repent.” Wiles claimed the U.S. can repent by “shutting down the abortion clinics, all of them” and “abolishing same-sex marriage,” along with “closing down the pornography industry.”

“If this nation does not repent, the final stage of judgment will be sent: it is war,” Wiles said. “If America refuses to humble herself before almighty God, he will humble us before foreign conquerors who will possess the land that he gave to our ancestors who were devout Christians.”

In 2014, Wiles warned his audience that “a race of super gay male soldiers” was plotting to kill Christians and take over America. He also claimed that Hitler was “trying to create race of super gay male soldiers” and that gay rights advocates are literal Nazis who idolize Adolf Hitler. (Read more here)

h/t: RWW