Gay Acrobats Get Engaged In Italian TV’s First Same-Sex Proposal, Crowd Goes Wild

A gay wedding proposal on Italy’s Got Talent appears to be Italian TV’s first same-sex proposal.

A member of acrobatic dance troupe Les Farfadais dropped to one knee and presented his boyfriend with a ring during the live competition.


The boyfriend’s surprise proposal came just after the group performed a routine to “The Power of Love.”

He said, “So we have performed tonight in a ring, and this ring has brought us together in our work, in our passion, in what we love. And I would love to know.”

The boyfriend said “yes,” and the crowd erupted with cheers.

“I swear to you, we didn’t know a thing,” said judge Nina Zilli. “How beautiful!”

Same-sex marriage is currently illegal in Italy.

Watch the beautiful proposal below:

h/t: NNN