This Gay Teen Might Become The Youngest Elected Official In England

Meet Luke Holland, an 18-year-old who is making headlines around the world because he is running for ward councillor (similar to a city council member) in Birmingham, England, and could soon become the country’s youngest elected official.

Luke also happens to have bright red hair, and oh yeah, he also happens to be gay.


A serious contender for the the position, Luke runs his own local business Green Kleen, an eco-friendly cleaning business.

Luke came out as gay in the middle of his campaign, telling the Advocate, “It was the right time for me in my mind. A few people will just not vote for you because you’re gay… That’s sadly the fact of life. You just ignore it and move on. ”

“Whatever your age, you can do anything you want,” Luke said about all the media-hype concerning his age. “Age is not a barrier.”

Luke said people were “unshocked” by his announcement “because, to be frank, it was most obvious that I was gay.”

“I’d spent sleepless nights researching ‘gay cures,’ because I was born in an area where being gay just wasn’t normal,” he recalls. “I moved away and became confident in who I was, and then one day while walking to the bus, I thought enough was enough. I am proud of who I am, I’m not hiding anymore.”