Help! I’m Being Blackmailed On Grindr For Sex After Being Catfished

A gay man has is seeking the help of the Reddit community after he says someone catfished naked pictures of him and is now attempting to blackmail him for sex. “He wants me to have sex with him, and has my pics,” writes the victim.

Reddit user Sardonicwords details his Grindr nightmare:

Someone catfished me, had all the right pics and talked a good game. Then they tried a switcheroo like “well I know this guy you should totally bang”.
Of course at that point I caught on and blocked immediately.
Now I’ve been approached by a guy who’s sending me pics of myself with the implicit threat of meeting up.
Anyone else been in a similar situation?

Another user also shared a similar account of blackmailing he says he experienced on Grindr:

Yes I have been in a similar situation. I was 19 at the time, and I told the guy that I was actually 17 once he started to threaten me. I told him that the pics were technically child porn. Of course, none of that was true, and I really wouldn’t pass for a 17 year old, but that was enough for him.

He eventually pushed me away telling me never to contact him again and that he erased everything.

Also, for next time something like this happens, never give a picture that shows more than one “section” of your body. So maybe a pic of your cock, a pic of your abs/chest, pic of your ass, pic of your face. All separate and all hopefully at different times. That way you could always say those other pics aren’t of you 🙂

Also, keep track of this conversation with pictures. I would also consider contacting Grindr, as they can permaban that guy. And of course there’s the option of going to the police.

Elandiga_Varg had this piece of advice for blackmailing victims:

The best way to approach this situation is to ignore him completely – better yet, block him. He will realize that his methods don’t work with you and move on. Above all DO NOT meet him. I repeat, DO NOT meet him! If he wants to share things with the world, let him. What tells you that he would delete them if you had sex with him? He probably wouldn’t delete it. He would keep it in order to get you to have sex with him again and again. Seriously, just count your losses and move on. It’s not worth it.

In the future, before posting things on the internet (especially things with identifying characteristics), ask yourself “Is this something that I would be okay if it was seen by my mom, my grandma, my friends, or my employer?”

Another user writes:

This sort of thing happens here in Utah. There are religious schools that will expel gay students for being on grinder at all. I’ve had friends who have been pressured for sex with threats of being reported to the school for breaking the school’s religious honor code if they don’t agree to meet. Of course having sex is also grounds for being expelled, so the predator has more and more control over them.

TophTheMagicDragon writes:

This sounds oddly familiar to several situations from a few social circles. Turned out to be the same scum bag behind all of them. All also made the mistake of letting him have the upper hand in the status quo. Just don’t give in to his demands or threats and change some passwords or set some online accounts private. Hopefully your guy isn’t a sneaky ass and tries to poor man hack his way to your personal stuff.