Attention Single Men: There’s A 55 Gallon Barrel Of Lube For Sale On Amazon

Think of all the wonderful things you could do with this 55 gallon barrel of water-based lubricant currently for sale on Amazon.

You could invite all of your friends over for an epic slip-n-slide party or you could deliver the massive lube drum to your best friend organizing a massive orgy.

You could also rest comfortably at night knowing you will never have to order lube again for a very, very long time.

If you have $1,310 to drop on this bad boy, you can have it shipped for free, right to your front door. I’m sure you could convince the delivery boy to help you move it into your sex dungeon!

And yes, the barrel comes with a large hand pump for ultimate convenience!

Predictably, the comments on this tanker of lube are hysterical!

Here are some of our favorites, so far: Sean writes, “As UPS discretely unloaded my 55 gallon drum, the driver accidentally spilled it into my driveway. Any amount of cars can now fit into the garage.”

“When Bronson and I bro-ed out….we went through a tiny 6 oz bottle…..and we both had the same thought…..why don’t they sell this in 55 gallon drums,” writes Rob. “When we found this it was like the rainbows parts….unicorns danced and cheeks spread.”

“It is great I can intake 5 at once and boy can I spell pleasure fast,” writes Jules. “This stuff is great and is a must buy. My and my boys have so much fun.”


“This beautiful blue barrel has finally got me back in the game,” opined Mr. McGroarty. “I’m pumpin’ like I’ve never pumped before. But where’s the “Amazon Subscribe and Save” option? I’m SICK of having to remember to re-up my supply each month.”

And this person found a great use for the lube in his hot tub:

OMG…..what a weekend party! You can’t believe how this feels in a 10 person hot tub! Everyone was sliding and grinding! Was so wild!
As people left, others came because they were told all about the shenanigans. I wasn’t expected for the party to go so long-only one night!
Be sure to drain all your water before you dump the barrel into your tub for your party. That way you get the full effect and no one can tell it’s not water! Haha

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h/t: brobible