Watch: Straight Teen Who Invited Gay Best Friend To Prom Thanks Supporters

A straight Las Vegas teen made headlines around the world last week after asking his gay best friend to prom in front of his entire Desert Oasis High School.

The unique promposal has become a beautiful lesson of love and acceptance and the reaction from those touched by the story has been overwhelmingly positive.

Anthony Martinez, Desert Oasis’ incoming student body president, had tweeted his frustration about always having to go to dances alone and never having been asked by another guy.

That’s when his best friend Jacob Lescenski decided he was going to do something special for his best bro and ask him to prom, even though he isn’t gay.

On April 21st, Jacob stood in front of his entire student body holding up a huge banner that read: “You’re hella gay, I’m hella str8, but you’re like my brother so be my d8!


And now the boys are thanking their supporters with this new Instagram video:

“I decided on going to prom alone because my original date idea didn’t work out so well,” Jacob told NewNowNext. “Then one night I saw Anthony, who is my best friend, Tweeting about wanting a date. I then thought about how amazing of a guy he is and that he deserved a date. So, I came up with the poster idea, asked my friend Mia to make it and asked him that next day. No one knew about it except for me, my friend Jamie, and Mia (who made the poster). Therefore it was a giant surprise to everyone, especially Anthony!”


“I just always wanted a date,” says Anthony, “but I knew being gay, and knowing I’m too busy for guys, no gay guy would ask me to a dance, let alone prom. So like any teen I complained about it on Twitter. On April 21 I was down at lunch selling prom tickets and I went upstairs to go to class and saw this giant poster and assumed it was for another person… until I read ‘You’re hella gay.’”