Guys Are Showing Off Their ‘Tools’ At 40,000 Feet In New X-Rated Tumblr Trend

Last week we told you about a new Reddit thread called “DickPics4Freedom,” where freedom loving Americans were posting photos of their erect penises to protest the NSA’s domestic spying program.

And now we have learned of a new X-rated Tumblr page where men are posting photos of their hard penises at 40,000 feet.

That’s right! Guys are taking a trip to the lavatory to take a NSFW photo of their manhood and sending them to a page called “Fly That Cock.”

The 18+ NSFW Tumblr page instructs male travelers to “catch a flight, go to the toilet and flash it” then e-mail their mile-high dick pics to the site for further inspection.

The site has filled with hundreds of X-rated submissions from around the world, including pilots and flight attendants. One brave exhibitionist even took a hard pic from his seat inside the cabin.

If you want to check out the x-rated tumblr page, click here if you are 18+.