Michigan Car Repair Shop Owner Who Won’t Serve Gays Doesn’t Have Business License

Brian Klawiter, the owner of a Grandville, Michigan, auto repair shop who said he will “ refuse service to an openly gay person or persons, doesn’t have the proper city business license to operate his auto shop!

Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec, posted a statement to his company’s Facebook page on Tuesday declaring his shop will not serve homosexual customers because the voices of those who have Christian, conservative values are often overshadowed by those who do not.

Michigan Live reports:

Brian Klawiter earlier this year told the City Council that requiring a license violates his constitutional rights because it authorizes city inspectors to enter his property without a warrant.

“This is a blatant and intentioned violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution,” Klawiter told the council on Jan. 26. “I dispute your lawful ability to do what you claim. I will not sign the application. I cannot and will not give up my civil rights, especially when requested by a government entity for which the Constitution was designed to limit the power of.

“Would you sign something giving me the right to search your home as I pleased?”

Klawiter would have to pay a $50 fine for not complying with the city’s licensing ordinance, but it turns out Grandville has also not pursued enforcement against Dieseltec, said Matt Butts, assistant city manager.

Mayor Steve Maas said the city likes to get compliance without enforcement, if possible. He said it might be awkward to enforce compliance now, amid a social media firestorm surrounding statements made by Klawiter.

h/t: instinct