Curious Straight Dude Seeks A Gay Man’s Advice On The Pleasures Of Anal Penetration

Millions of young Americans lack the proper sex education to know basic questions about sex we might all take for granted, such as how to properly put on a condom, or how to properly sexually satisfy their partners.

Abstinence is sometimes the only sexual education course some students receive. So it would explain why tens of thousands of Reddit users turn to online forums to ask for the collective wisdom of the Reddit community in answering simple questions related to sex.

Reddit user Nevermorec recently asked Reddit users for their help in hitting that “certain spot” while being anally penetrated by his girlfriend, or even by his own fingers. In a thread titled Guys, and Gals of Reddit, what about Pegging/ Prostate Stimulation?, he writes:

Ok, I’m a straight male, but there’s gotta be something to this. A million Gay men can’t be wrong, right? I kinda tried it, but I feel maybe my gf at the time just didn’t know what she was doing. Is it really a “certain spot” or are you supposed to feel good the moment anything is in your ass? How does this work? I don’t wanna cum on my prostate exam and not know why, so reddit, educate on the prostate stimulation phenomenon, please. Thank you.

The reddit community immediately began to advise their young friend about the joys of anal penetration. User herejustonce wrote, “Honestly, this is one of those things you explore solo and then teach an SO. So, grab a condom, put it over your fingers. Then ease your fingers into you butt, with you palm face up. Then gently make the “come hither” motion. You’re feeling for something rough the size of a golf ball… But you’ll know when you find it.”

PsychotronicStooge is one lucky man, he wrote: “My GF knows just the right spot and when she hits it I EXPLODE!”

User salamandrine corrected Nevermorec on a few points: “Firstly, gay men aren’t gay because they like anal sex, but because they like men,” he writes. “Secondly, prostate stimulation is about stimulating the prostate (duh)…Pegging, on the other hand, consists of being penetrated with a dildo…Thirdly, you don’t cum in a prostate exam.”

Calebmke wrote: “Straight male, highly suggest you try it. My best/strongest orgasms were all from anal play.”

Nofocusing wrote: “I’m straight and love prostate stimulation. My most powerful orgasms come that way. I have to be in the mood for it though, and it’s not that it instantly feels good, but it leads up and helps to deliver an incredible orgasm.”

CantStopStaring opined: “Wife sucked me off last night and buried her finger in my ass until she found the prostate; she massaged it rhythmically while alternating vigorous and gentle sucking techniques. I saw rainbows, heard oceans, and came like the fountain at the end of Ocean’s Eleven…It’s not gay — it just feels REALLY FUCKING GOOD.”

And then one of the top comments came from an anonymous reddit user, who offered this golden piece of advice:

The anus and prostate are very sensitive parts of the body in different ways.

Anal Stimulation.

First lets talk about anal stimulation. Bear with me, this is going to start weird but it needs to be said because not many people can really relate to how you can feel pleasure in your ass.

Have you ever had a really good poop? I mean, the kind that is solid and “clean” coming out and seems to stretch you just enough that it feels like your butthole is doing yoga? Like that first stretch you take in the morning that aches and feels so good at the same time? There’s a moment before it leaves your body that you feel an explosion of pressure and sensation around your sphincter, and then an involuntary “clench” that makes you gasp.

Anal stimulation is meant to recapture this feeling, sans poo. Use a small dildo or plug, lube up and push in slowly while relaxing. Make sure it’s nothing that can slip inside all the way or you may have an awkward visit to the doctor. Plugs are nice because they’re designed to stay in on their own, and you can flex, clench and squeeze with your anus, which can feel amazing while masturbating. Involuntary muscle reactions are fun to explore and a particularly powerful orgasm can send your plug across the room. You don’t have to imagine being penetrated by a penis or anything, or you can. It doesn’t matter what you imagine or think about, because whatever you fantasize about or however you stimulate yourself does not make you gay or straight. Just focus on the sensations and stop thinking about anything but your body and what different motions and muscle groups feel like.

Prostate Stimulation.

The prostate is a gland that surrounds your urethra (pee tube) and is located just under your bladder. The prostate produces ejaculate fluids and is one of the areas that experiences involuntary contractions during orgasm. This makes it sensitive to being pressed on or stroked, however the only way you’re going to get close enough to actually put pressure on it is through the back door. Everyone has different kinds of responses to prostate stimulation, and it’s generally accepted that if you really want to get the best experiences, you will need to practice a bit.

The simplest way many guys discover how their prostate feels is by sticking a finger in there and rooting around until you hit a spot behind the front “wall” of the rectum that feels a little firmer. It may be just out of reach of your normal index or middle fingers, or it might be easy to hit on the first try.

What will it feel like? Again, everyone is different, but usually if you press on it just right you will feel an odd sensation, maybe similar to having to pee, but higher up than usual, like a tickle in the deep pit of your abdomen. It may take only a little pressure to get this sensation, or you may need a much firmer touch. You may immediately start producing white prostate fluid from this, or you may need to work at it a bit, or nothing may come out at all. This is where toys help a lot. (By now your wrist probably feels like it’s going to break.) so a slim dildo, vibrator or curved probe will go a long way to exploring this new sensation. If you’re more comfortable exploring prostate stimulation than anal play, there’s actually a toy for you.


[The Aneros Helix | Use code GRIND for 35% off this bad boy]

The Aneros Helix is designed to press on your prostate and wiggle a bit as you contract your muscles, which simultaneously exercises your kegel muscles, the muscles that are responsible for ejaculation and stopping/starting urine flow. Developing these muscles can be a great benefit to sex, making it easier to control when you orgasm, ejaculating harder, and for some people with some time, patience and maybe even meditation, prostate massage combined with kegel exercises can lead to a new kind of orgasm centered around the prostate and may be non-ejaculatory.

Even if you never reach this new type of orgasm, a regular orgasm while pressing on or massaging your prostate can feel incredible, both alone and with a partner.

every man (and woman) needs to explore their own body more and become comfortable with the things it can do. Use lots of lube, condoms on your fingers and toys if you’re squeamish and try to disentangle yourself from anxiety and thoughts about sexual orientation. Being tense will make any anal exploration painful.