White Supremacist Murders Gay College Employee In Possible Hate Crime, Admits To Killing In Court

A man accused of gunning down a long-time employee at Wayne Community College on Monday in what appears to be a hate crime, has given a confession in a Florida courtroom Tuesday, reports CBS affiliate WRAL.

Kenneth Stancil, 20, was arrested early Tuesday morning where he was found sleeping on the beach in Daytona around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday by the Volusia County Beach Patrol

ronlane-1[Ron Lane (Facebook)]

Stancil is accused of killing Ron Lane, who supervised Stancil while he participated in a work study program at Wayne Community College’s print shop. Police say Stancil walked into the college print shop shortly after 8:00 a.m. armed with a 12 gauge pump shotgun with a pistol grip. Sgt. Jeremy Sutton says Stancil fired one time.

kennethSutton says Stancil had a calculated plan and that he in fact carried it out. The suspect left campus immediately following the shooting, and that he left Wayne County on a motorcycle.

In court, the judge asked Stancil if he had anything to say. He responded, “I just want you to know, I ridded one less (expletive) child molester from the (expletive) earth that (expletive) with my little brother. All right? That’s all I got to say.”

Stancil then accused Lane of molesting a family member and doing prison time is “the easy part.”

WITN adds:

Wayne County sheriff’s office clerk says Stancil did not file anything about a relative being molested or any other complaint with the sheriff’s office or Goldsboro police.

WITN has calls into both police and deputies for their reaction to the molestation accusations.

Brent Hood, who was the supervisor of the shooting victim, says Lane was gay.

Police say they are investigating whether the murder was a possible hate crime. They say Stancil’s eye tattoo was done as recently as Saturday. Sgt. Jeremy Sutton says they are investigating the tattoo and its possible connection to white supremacy.

Stancil remains in a Florida jail without bond.

On his now deleted Facebook page, Heavy.com reports Stancil refered to his job as “Enforcer at White Power” and his alias on the site is “WhiteKnight.” Among his Facebook likes are the band Angry Aryans, White Pride, Hitler Adolph, the National Socialist Movement, and Guns & Ammo.