400 Freedom Fighters Show Us Their ‘Tools’ While Driving, Showering, To Protest NSA Spying

You will be glad to know that over 400 freedom firefighters have now shown the world their erect penises to protest the NSA spying on our private ‘dick pics’.


The campaign dubbed #DickPics4Freedom has since gone mainstream after we first reported it last week, continuing to grow hard and fast.


You may remember the ‘penis pic’ protest was inspired by John Oliver’s sit-down interview with Edward Snowden, who shed light on the U.S. government’s secret surveillance program which is definitely spying on your private pictures, including all the dick pics you’ve been sending to people.

The American patriots are even posting photos of their flag poles while driving, all in the name of Democracy of course. So do your patriotic duty and check out all the new additions at this very NSFW reddit link.