Check Out The Adorable Insta-Proposal Of Two Boyfriends Who Met On Instagram

A couple brought together by the popular photo sharing app Instagram, just got engaged with a little help from their favorite app.

Boyfriends Ryan Donegan and Scott Snider met over 2 years ago while casually browsing through the social networking app.




Ryan tells us, “It only felt appropriate to use the platform for the proposal too. I knew I could never really shock him by popping the question, but I thought I could create small surprises throughout the day by flying in his best friends, sending him to his favorite places, and getting his family together. I also got a chuckle out of teasing him with my Instagram posts hinting that I’d see him soon. (It drove him crazy)”


11024769_10100264138132554_3539568643371493542_n[Scott Snider (left), Ryan Donegan (right)]

Watch the Insta-proposal and read Scott’s account of the special day below:

“He snuck out without making a peep Saturday morning,” Scott tells us. “Usually when he gets up early he makes some kind of noise that wakes me up so I can at least give him a kiss goodbye. Not this time.”

Scott’s two best friends surprised flew in to surprise him and guide him through his day of adventure. “I noticed one of my friends taking video and I caught a roommate standing by with her camera out too.. Something was up.. but it still didn’t click,” said Scott. “I decided to just go with the flow and stop asking. ‘Have you checked your instagram this morning?’ my friend asked. I quickly found Ryan had posted a video.. wait, not a shirtless selfie?.. something was definitely different today.”

Scott recalls for us what turned out to be the happiest day of his life (so far):

BEACH DAY!!! My first video clue told me I would be heading to the beach to relax in the sun. My bag was already packed with towels, snacks, sunscreen, and herbal treats.

So we headed down to one of my favorite spots in Laguna Beach that’s off the beat’n path. You have to walk down a ton of stairs through lush foliage with gorgeous views of the coast. As many times as I’ve been, I’ve never take it for granted. This beach is beautiful.

11106509_10100264136994834_929180169_n[Credit: Ryan Donegan @ryanpdonegan / Scott Snider @scttsndr]

As we approached the sand I saw a group of boys huddled around each other.. drinks in hand (it must’ve been 5 o’clock somewhere). Oh yes, these were my friends, but none of them lived close anymore!! I was so giddy to see everyone.


As much as they tried to deny any ulterior motive, I knew there was only one reason my boyfriend would organize all these people I love into a single day’s worth of fun outings.

After a few hours at the beach, Ryan posted another video. This time, my adorable 2 year old niece was telling me to head to Nana’s house (aka my Mom). I was convinced this is where I’d be seeing my man.

11106451_10100264136725374_2137571828_n[Credit: Ryan Donegan @ryanpdonegan / Scott Snider @scttsndr]

I walked into my mom’s house and found my family with a fresh batch of my favorite gingerbread cookies. Once I realized he wasn’t there, I was able to relax and enjoy the day with my friends and family, which I’m pretty sure is what he had intended. I was having such a great day surrounded by people that loved me. I got to eat cookies and blow bubbles in the back yard with my niece. She tried to tell me all about how Ryan had come by the day before to film videos with her. Adorable!

After family time the next video was up. Time for Korean BBQ!!!


11086684_10100264136530764_1297609501_n[Credit: Ryan Donegan @ryanpdonegan / Scott Snider @scttsndr]

Ryan sent us to this wonderful Korean BBQ joint where we had an awesome meal. Again I was certain he’d be there. I started to get that longing feeling inside… when you’ve been away from someone you love for too long. I had loved all the little adventures I’d been on throughout the day with my friends, but I was sad I didn’t get to share the memories with him. He’s my best friend and my play buddy. I knew he was close, but he still wasn’t there.

The last video!!!…. “Time to come Home”

There was a trail of lights leading into our home. I wasn’t nervous. I was excited. I was giddy. I was so happy.

I’m pretty sure I knew he was “the one” on our first date.

We went out for sushi on our first day. “Does your tea smell like fish?” he had asked me about the green tea we ordered. I’m pretty sure it was the most authentic sushi we had ever had. Dinner went so well that we decided to see a movie. We held hands the entire time. When we walked out of the theater, it was raining and everyone ran for their cars. We both started to jog too but stopped under an umbrella in the courtyard in front of the theater. In a glance, we realized we were alone with rain coming down all around us. We locked eyes and kissed. It wasn’t some horny grindr kiss where you don’t even know the guys name. This was what I had been looking for. He was considerate, funny, strong and butterflies in your tummy handsome.

As we pulled up to the house, where the final video told me to go, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. I wanted to say the right thing. I wanted to make sure he knew I loved him as much as I knew he loved me. He had gone through so much effort to make my day so special. How was “yes” supposed to compare to all his efforts. I walked in slowly, trying to absorb it all and take in all the details that were thought out and frantically organized (cause that’s how he is).

He had a trail of photos cataloging our entire relationship. Photos he had printed from Instagram. They were part of a visual diary that we had built together over the last two years. The trail led me to the backyard where I saw a wall of brilliant lights hanging from our overgrown plants, and that’s were I found him standing. Handsome. Giddy. Nervous. In Love. He had a Tuxedo on and just looked so cute. I wanted to do dirty things to him right then and there, but considering my family and friends were all right there I held back.

I wanted him to stay on his knee forever. The more he talked to me the more I just wanted to let out my emotions. I try to never let go and keep my shit together to be strong, but seeing the man I love so much on his knee professing his love to me, asking me to be his husband and spend the rest of my life with him, that will break even the strongest man.

Yes I will marry you!!! “Soooo much, YES!”

I can’t believe we’re finally engaged. I never thought of myself as being one to get married. Mostly because I had never met anyone I considered worthy of such a commitment, until I met Ryan. He changed me. And I love him so much for that.