These New ‘PlayPants’ Jeans Feature “Easy Access” Crotch Pockets

Ever find yourself wishing your jeans had a secret pocket so you (or a friend) can access your crotch in public without getting caught out?

Thanks to PlayPants, you’re in luck!

Playpants are the “magic access jean” that has finally solved your dilemma.


The jeans provide complete access to your crotch region thanks to a zip opening within the pocket, enabling you and a friend to get your freak on with a little discretion.

TheGloss adds:

The jeans were created by designer Robert Kalinkin. They are drop-crotch jeans for men and women with a double button fly. They have the aforementioned completely unzippable pockets with safe zippers that won’t do any damage to your crotch. Apparently the idea for the easy crotch access jeans came after Robert found a hole in his old pair and he realized “it was a pretty convenient feature to have.” He created a Kickstarter campaign for the Playpants and ended up meeting his £10,000 goal, so now production can begin.

If the description alone wasn’t enough to make you want a pair of Playpants, the Kickstarter campaign lists some examples why you need to get a pair in your closet, including: “dull love life,” “itchy private parts in public” and, um, “boring corporate meeting.” I don’t think the jeans would be the most appropriate look for some offices, even if you didn’t stick your hand in them.



Becky Schneider, Womenswear Buyer at Accent Clothing, thinks the jeans are ridiculous:

As denim experts, we are always keen to see new denim styles/washes and features brought to the market. ‘PlayPants’ is an interesting concept, but we’re not entirely sure if these jeans will catch on. We’ve learnt that denim enthusiasts are more concerned with the quality of the denim – its strength, wash, fit, etc.The functionality of these jeans and their target market don’t suggest to me that these jeans will be a ‘must have’ for the fashion heads or denim anoraks.

(Photos: Kickstarter/Playpants)