You Can Now Send Your Enemies A ‘Bag Of D*cks’ To Choke On

You can now literally tell a cheating spouse or a wretched boss to “Go eat a bag of dicks!”

Thanks to DicksByMail, you can send you enemies a bag of edible dicks to make your insult a sweet reality!

gummy dicks

Here’s what you get for your $15 order:

Once your order is processed an anonymous package will be sent to your target containing 2 things; A 5oz bag of delicious gummy candy penises, and a note exclaiming ‘EAT A BAG OF DICKS’. Nothing More. Nothing Less. You will remain anonymous and silently chuckle to yourself for years to come as you picture them slowly degrading into a shell of the person they once were, always questioning their lives “Who sent this to me?”, “Are there more dicks on their way?” and “Why does this keep happening to me?!”. Yes their slow decent into madness will be much tastier than the bag of candy dicks you sent to them.

“It’s not meant to be a threat or a way to bully,” the company writes. “If you are sending this with the intent to ruin someones day, then maybe its you who needs to eat a bag of dicks.“


I’m not so sure a bag of delicious gummy dicks are really going to piss off your enemy. What do you think?

[h/t: UnicornBooty]