Street Singer Drowns Out Homophobic Preacher With “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”

A video of an Australian street performer singing to drown out the vile sermon of an anti-gay preacher has gone viral.

Musician Axel Winter, 24, was performing on the streets of Sydney during the city’s Mardi Grad celebrations last weekend when he came across a religious preacher spouting anti-gay verses at pedestrians while clutching his Bible.

Winter said he felt he “had to do something” when the preacher declared that “today is the day that God hates you the most if you’re homosexual,” Mr Winter told The Independent.

Winter moved his band to within a few yards of the preacher and performed a beautiful rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – with the lyrics altered to include gay men. “Some boys take a beautiful boy and hide him away from the rest of the world,” he sang.

Watch the video below:

Winter later thanked the crowd who watched his band’s performance in a Facebook post: