Have A Gay Day Launches Pro-LGBT Billboard Campaign In Dayton, Ohio

The non-profit organization Have A Gay Day has launched a Dayton, Ohio billboard campaign to support the LGBT community and their allies with pro-LGBT messages.

“The importance of the campaign is to show visibility and education to the community,” said Have A Gay Day founder Michael Knote. “The images show support and a call to action for members of the LGBT community and their allies.”

The campaign will cover topics of homelessness, suicide prevention, adoption, faith, and other key points in education about the LGBT community.

There are a total of 13 graphics being used in this billboard campaign, and will be seen by over 360,000 people a week.

trans[Photo Credit: Michael Knote/HaveAGayDay]

Have A Gay Day asked their 700,000 Facebook fans to help raise funds for the project and within 3 days reached the funding goal.

“The goal of the project is to create visibility and support with the possibility of a long term national project to create conversation and education with the possibility of adding additional graphics and topics,” Knote added.

“We feel as though the message of support is clear. The community funded this project and we are giving them a voice and a means of support in a very visible way.”

colorblind[Photo Credit: Michael Knote/HaveAGayDay]

Have A Gay Day is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Piqua, Ohio. The mission of Have A Gay Day is to create a safe environment for the purpose of Equality, Education, and Support of the LGBT community and their Allies.



Have A Gay Day plans to expand their organization throughout Ohio and surrounding states. A new talk line called Prism will support the global LGBT community. Visit HaveAGayDay.org for more on future projects and how you can help.

glsen[Photo Credit: Michael Knote/HaveAGayDay]