Transgender Man Recreates Adam Levine’s Iconic Nude Photo For FTM Magazine

Adam Levine’s iconic nude photoshoot, which showcased his wife’s hands strategically placed over his junk, has been recreated by transgender male Aydian Dowling…and the results are spectacular.

trans adam levine recreation

FTM Magazine publisher, Jason Robert Ballard saw similarities between model Aydian Dowling’s physique and Levine’s and set out to recreating the smoking hot image. making a recreation of the image.

“Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not. Now they represent everything I am,” said Dowling.

You can read more about Aydian and FTM Magazine at where Aydian is the cover model April 2015.

Below is a video collage showing Aydian Dowling’s transition from female to male (FTM) over 4 years:

Here are some more photos of Aydian via his Instagram:

I think I got a little Popeye in me! Where's my Olive?! @magickal_lens #nofilter #ftm #trans

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About to hit the River for some rafting!! Celebrating @magickal_lens Bday and my Two Year Post Op Anniversary!!

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Ya know- that lion look!! ALFa Pride gear 25% off! @point5cc #alfapride #ftm #trans #youtube

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