Watch Anderson Cooper School Anti-Gay Pastor About The Real “Gay Agenda”

Anderson Cooper schooled anti-gay pastor Larry Tomczak on his “Ridiculist” segment last night, after his outrageous allegations that Cooper is “boasting” about his sexuality and that Ellen DeGeneres is using Taylor Swift on her show to lure young girls into the gay lifestyle.

Cooper addressed Tomczak’s “Gay Agenda” claims, saying: “I’ve never actually been to the secret meeting where the gays plot their agenda, though I imagine the catering is quite amazing. But thanks to someone named Larry Tomczak, my eyes have been opened.”

Cooper also noted that gay people are not trying to indoctrinate children but rather want “to be able to live their lives with the same kinds of rights and responsibilities as everyone else.”

Watch Cooper’s Ridiculist segment below:

Watch Ellen’s amazing response to Larry Tomczak below: