Two Straight Men Hold Hands On The Street, Sadly Discover Homophobia Is Alive And Well

Two straight BBC radio presenters in Luton, England, encountered homophobic reactions when they walked the streets holding hands for a day.

BBC Three Counties DJ Iain Lee and his fellow presenter Justin Dealey were “surprised and disappointed” by the reaction they received during the experiment.

The presenters decided to conduct the experiment after hearing the story of a 23-year-old man who is relentlessly humiliated and verbally abused for being gay. They explain:

Iain Lee tries a simple experiment to see if the public have a problem with people being openly gay.

You might have heard 23 year-old Nick telling Iain how humiliated he felt when he was subjected to a torrent of homophobic abuse by a woman who followed him off the train.

What really shocked Iain was when Nick went on to say he’s used to being insulted by strangers offended by him holding hands with his boyfriend in public…not kissing, smooching or cuddling…just holding hands.

So we decided to conduct a little experiment.

Watch the experiment below: