Wickedly Hot Bodybuilder Michael Hoffman Leaks New X-Rated Video

WARNING: This post contains NSFW content intended for mature audiences.

Texas bodybuilder Michael Hoffman has been teasing his gay fans with erotic muscle flexing videos on YouTube and half-naked pictures on Instagram for years. Two months ago, the world rejoiced as several of his x-rated films leaked online. Hoffman quickly took to YouTube to explain that he needed “the money, plain and simple. I made over $10,000 selling those videos. The videos you have seen are just maybe a few of the many I made over the past two years.”

The 20-year-old also set the record ‘straight’ about his sexual orientation after eating his own semen in one of the leaked videos, saying: “I’m not gay. Those videos I can understand making me look that way – and I respect gay people completely – but I’m not gay, I’m straight.”

In the latest 9-minute video to hit the internet, Hoffman once again teases us with some naked flexing and push-ups before stroking himself to completion.

Watch the new X-rated video HERE.

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