Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time And It’s Hilarious

Watch what happens when a group of brave men explore the world of sex toys for the first time:

(For an X-RATED video of how to make the best of two fleshlights scroll down)

The fleshlight and other toys mentioned in this video are below:

Fleshlight Flight


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Made for fun on the road, the travel-friendly Fleshlight Flight is the perfect partner for anyone who travels often on business and pleasure. The discreet case blends in easily with the rest of your baggage for added privacy. Use the Fleshlight Flight to join the mile high club and no one will know what you’re smiling about!

The popularity of Fleshlight masturbators is mainly due to their ability to simulate a blowjob-like sucking sensation. When you slide inside the snug-fitting stroker, you force air out of it creating a vacuum in the process. This vacuum lightly clings to your shaft when you pull out, creating the sucking sensation that models a blowjob. You can even increase or decrease the sensation by adjusting the base of the masturbator.

And for an X-RATED demonstration of how to make the best of two fleshlights, CLICK HERE.

Travel Gripper Mouth and Ass


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This super sucker is just the right size for that maximum grip and mind-blowing release anywhere you are. Lube up your dock and sink it inside where ribbed suction chambers get you off and done. Heavy duty construction, maintenance-free PureSkin material for easy care. Your choice of anal or oral action!



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When there’s no one around to lend you a helping…mouth…look no further. Think of it like a fleshlight on steroids. Just lube up the sleeve that best fits you—there are three sizes to choose from—sit back, and enjoy a life-like, hands-free solo blowjob. (Oh, and the sleeve comes off for easy clean-up, which is always nice.)

AutoBlow2 Animated Infomercial

Cobra Libre Male Vibrator



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When you place your penis into the stimulator, the smooth, soft silicone sleeve hugs your tip closely and gives you thrilling stimulations. The innovative and stylish control elements easily adjust the two independent motors, offering a range of vibration combinations never before seen. The different patterns create pulsing vibrations just underneath the sensitive penis glans for mind-blowing, on-the-spot stimulation.

[H/T: Instinct]