College Bathroom Glory Hole Sparks Controversy On Campus

Closeted students seeking a quick release at California State University’s library may need to find a new home for a bathroom glory hole which has now gone viral.

The inch and a half wide hole, located in a stall in a fourth floor men’s bathroom of the Walter W. Stern Library has caused quite a stir on campus. Robin Gracia at the CSUB Runner reports that the hole is “capable of accommodating a vegetable such as a carrot or small squash.”

Garcia adds that the bathroom has become a popular cruising spot for men who meet on Craigslist. “We uncovered three separate ads and they were each soliciting sex.”

“Studying late at CSUB” one of the ads read. “If anyone wants to stop by for a quickie let me know…looking to fuck or receive head.”

“Anybody want to play?” reads another ad. “I’ll be on the fourth floor in the bathroom from now till 5ish.”

A maintenance employee patched up the hole with a metal plate recently, but someone has already unscrewed the bolts on one side, prompting campus police to inform students that any sexual activity in the library restroom is illegal.

“You don’t know who you are meeting up with on the other side of that stall, you don’t know if they have a clean bill of health, if they are HIV negative or if they have protection,” Gracia warned students. “Having sex responsibly, as well as in a non-public place, is arguably the best way to engage with another individual, casual or otherwise. College isn’t like Vegas – what happens in college doesn’t stay in college.”

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