Gay Teen Punched For Kissing Boyfriend Sends Beautiful Message To Attacker

A college student who was the victim of a violent homophobic attack is being praised for the inspiring message he posted after the incident.

Cole Ledford, an undergraduate student at Ohio State University, was attacked on Thursday after kissing his boyfriend, Jerad.

Ledford took a punch to the face and was left with a black eye. Shortly after the incident, the student posted am inspirational message on Twitter.

He wrote:

To the guy who punched me tonight for kissing my boyfriend,
I’m sorry that you called me fag. I’m sorry you hit me for no reason.
I’m sorry that whatever insecurities you have don’t allow you to accept others for who they are. I’m sorry that I threaten you.”

I’m NOT sorry I’m gay. I’m proud to be this way. I’m proud to be confident enough to love who I love and to love me.
I’m proud to have friends and family that love me regardless of me. Honestly, I’m not sorry.

His message has since gone viral, getting over 26,000 retweets.

Cole later posted a followup message alongside his boyfriend, writing: “Love is love.”