Did You Know October 30th Is ‘Power Bottom Appreciation Day’?

Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day to all the talented bottoms in the world.

If you have never heard of this holiday, you are not alone.

Apparently, Power Bottom Appreciation Day has been around since the ’80s.

So take a moment to tell the special bottom in your life how much their skills mean to you! Buy him some flowers, make him a nice meal, and by all means, go to town jack-hammer style.

According to Urban Dictionary, a Power Bottom is defined as:

An experienced bottom who loves cock so much, he wants to get pounded as roughly & aggressively as possible. The harder the better. He can take it like a champ with no pain. A power bottom doesn’t just passively lay there, he pushes back on every thrust from the top. Sometimes he’ll do all the work and ride the top like a mechanical bull until they both explode with ecstasy.

“I hooked up with Ricky last night. Dude was wasted, so he just laid there while I did the power bottom thing. I rode him until he busted inside me. It was so hot!!!”

There is even a Facebook page dedicated to Power Bottoms For Jesus.

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia helps us grasp the ins and outs of power bottoming:

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