News Anchor Slams Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s “Appalling” Fight Against Marriage Equality

South Florida WPLG-TV senior political reporter Micahel Putney slammed Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Sunday’s This Week In South Florida program, giving his “personal perspective about a politician who just refuses to take responsibility” for the state’s continued battle to deny same-sex couples the right to marry. “Appalling,” Putney declared.

“The governor says Attorney General Pam Bondi’s fruitless and costly appeals of numerous court rulings against the state’s gay marriage ban, Scott says, that is entirely her business, he doesn’t have a thing to do with it,” Putney said.

“That is just nonsense,” Putney added. “Governor Scott is the top elected official in the state. If he didn’t want Attorney General Bondi to file those appeals he can simply call her up and say, “hey stop it.” Or he can order her to stop it. That’s what Governor Scott Walker did in Wisconsin, what the governor of Virginia did, they did it in Arizona.”

The fact that Gov. Scott refuses to take responsibility [for preventing same-sex marriage] is appalling. But it’s not the first time.”

Watch Putney’s take-down of Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his twice-divorced Attorney General Pam Bondi below:

WFOR-TV reporter Jim DeFede asked Scott his personal position on same-sex marriage: “Do you personally believe its discriminatory to deny two men or two women the right to marry?”

Scott replied, “I believe in traditional marriage, but I understand people have different views, but this is going through the court system and the court will ultimately decide.”

Edie S. Windsor, the plaintiff in Windsor v. United States, wrote a letter to Gov. Scott asking him to “allow loving couples to marry now” in your Florida:

I am Edith S. Windsor, the plaintiff in Windsor v. United States, the case that won federal recognition of marriages for same-sex couples. The two extremely positive decisions in favor of marriage equality were Justice Jacobs’ decision in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Kennedy’s decision in the Supreme Court, both self-described conservatives. Five judges in Florida have also ruled that it’s wrong to exclude same-sex couples from marriage. And the majority of Floridians agree. My dear Governor Scott, I employ you to use the power of your office to allow loving couples to marry now in your state. Very respectfully yours, Edie Windsor.