“The Disgustings”: Hilarious Spoof About The Bitchy Mean Gays We Love To Hate

“The Disgustings” is a comedic short film about a day in the life of two horrible people.

According to their Kickstarter:

Pierce is an egocentric complainer. Daryl is a judgmental ruthless witch. They are best friends. Together, they are “The Disgustings”. In this comedic short film, Pierce and Daryl go through their seemingly lovely day while decimating every person, creation, or ideal they can get their words on. Through their interactions with different humans, they begin to examine the notion that they might not be better than the world.

“I decided to write “The Disgustings” because I was noticing that there was a severe lack of terrible people with no redeeming qualities in modern cinema. And these are the people we see every day at our brunches, our movie theaters, and our apple stores. They must be represented! The goal of this short film is to let you laugh at these familiar characters without actually having to come in contact with them. We all have a little disgusting in us. When we complain about a waiter, trash talk a movie, or share a buzzfeed article, we are just doing the disgustings’ work.”-Jordan Firstman

The Disgustings from jordan firstman on Vimeo.