Drag Queen Stuns Crowd With Incredible Onstage Outfit Change

We have seen hundreds of incredible drag performances over the years, but nothing has caught our attention like Alexis Michelle’s stunning transformation onstage at New York’s ‘So You Think You Can Drag?’

Performing during SYTYCD’s Broadway/Disney week, Alexis wowed the audience with a spectacular onstage costume change while singing live to the Witch’s entrance routine from the musical ‘Into The Woods.’

“I wanted to sing live for Broadway week and I also thought a theatrical reveal would go over great,” Alexis told us on Wednesday.

“Seeing the original production of Into The Woods when I was little made me want to be an actor so I immediately thought going from the witch in her hag state and transforming into her beautiful self would be fabulous for ‘So You Think You Can Drag?’ I thought “Gorgeous” from The Apple Tree was ideal for the Witch’s new found beauty and Barbara Harris’ vocal is fantastic so I decided to lip sync that portion of the number. My brilliant friend DW (David Winthrow) created the reveal years ago for a regional production of Into The Woods and it fit me perfectly…he taught me how to execute it and the rest is history.”

Watch Alexis’ incredible performance below: