This F*cking Adorable Video Proves Toddlers Are Just Tiny Drunk People

If you’ve ever interacted with a toddler, it will amaze you how much they resemble tiny drunk grownups.

Motherhood On The Rocks sums it up perfectly:

After writing about How living with children is like living in a frat house, I got to thinking…taking care of a toddler is, in many ways, like dealing with a drunk person. The emotional highs and lows, uncoordinated movements and lack of volume control, not to mention the fact that you are on suicide watch 24/7 with them, are just a few of the many reasons that toddlers resemble drunk people.

Pharmacist Tara Willmott uploaded a totally adorable clip to Facebook last week, showing a group of three year olds arguing about the weather at the Room To Bloom Children’s Center in Harrison, Arkansas.

Watch the heart-melting 2-minute clip below (best part happens at the 1:25 mark):

“You poked my heart!”

And who can forget this classic:

[H/T: Reddit]