Brave Teen Records Himself Coming Out To Mom, Mom Has A Secret Too

How and when to come out as gay to parents and family is an extremely difficult decision for most teenagers. The risk of rejection is one of the main reasons teens keep their secret hidden for so long.

Luckily for Hayden Smith, his brave decision to come out to his mother and share his experience on YouTube is part of a growing trend among coming out videos.

“I’m gay,” says the teen to his mother on a hidden video recording. “That’s okay,” mom replies.

“I’ve known it for awhile,” Hayden responds.

“That’s very brave of you to tell me that,” his mother replies. “Thank you for telling me. Doesn’t make me love you any less, at all!”

“It’s okay. You love who you love,” mom reassures her emotional son.

Mom later drops a bombshell of her own (around the 5:08 mark.) “Can I tell you something too? Since you’ve opened up to me, I’ll tell you a little secret too. I’ve had a girlfriend.”

Watch the beautiful video below: