Dan Osborne Joins The Dreamboys And Gets Naked, Again!

Dan Osborne hates wearing clothes! The hunky TOWIE star joined the cast of Dreamboys last night and stripped totally naked.

The reality star and DILF took center stage alongside his equally as hot co-stars, giving us another look at his beautiful bum.

Vid̩o Dan Osborne striptease РGuilhermeHMS РSexy by amgarc10

According to the Daily Mirror:

Performing in front of his pregnant girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa, the muscular TOWIE actor bopped and grinded his way across the stage in a white sailor suit, before dropping everything and showing the world his bare (and perfect) bum.

Before he joined them on stage, Dan’s Dreamboy co-stars ran through a routine including a cowboy dance, and the obligatory fireman routine followed, with plenty of sewn in poppers for maximum exposure, and plenty of oil.

Dan dedicated a part of his dance to Michael Jackson – who he is a big fan of, and it’s fair to say there was a desperate need for air con in the room.

Watch Osborne’s Naked #IceBucketChallenge below:

The cast of the Dreamboys: