Gay Teen Beat & Disowned By Christian Parents Redirects Donations To LGBT Charity

Last week, we watched in disbelief and heartbreak as 19-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce’s Christian family disowned the gay teen and beat him after a forced family “intervention” because they disapproved of his homosexuality.

A day after the video was shared on reddit, Daniel’s friends set up an online fundraiser to help the teen get back on his feet, and the internet responded by donating $93,765.

Daniel thanked his supporters for their generosity and decided to ask people to stop donating to his fund and instead donate to an organization called Lost N’Found, which is currently renovating a building to serve as a homeless shelter for LGBT youth.

To date, the organization has received around $10,000 thanks to Daniel’s post and plans to open in spring of 2015, according to DailyKos.

Daniel writes:

Thank you to everyone from around America and all over the world for your support in the past several days. This has been a rough time for me and I never imagined that so many people would show such overwhelming compassion and generosity.

It’s important for all of you to know that right now, what I need most is time to think and work through the next steps in my life. I have been working closely with Atlanta-based Lost-n-Found Youth to help figure out what’s next for me. Right now, I’m safe and definitely feel your love all around me. Thank you!

I’ve asked my friends to discontinue donations to the GoFundMe page, but if you would still like to give money and help the LGBTQ youth homeless crisis, please visit the Lost-n-Found Youth website at for more information on how you can make a difference for the many other kids in the world like me.

Watch Daniel’s heartbreaking video below: