Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber And More Half-Naked Celebs Take The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge has taken on a life of its own, spreading across the globe and now forcing Hollywood celebs to go shirtless and get soaked with ice cold water, all for a great cause of course.

Arrow star Stephen Amell was the most recent Celeb to be nominated for the challenge, having his co-star Colton Haynes help do the honors:

Cristiano Ronaldo stripped down to his CR7 underwear as two of his Real Madrid team-mates poured two buckets of ice water on the footballer. Ronaldo then nominated singers Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and rapper Lil Wayne to undertake the challenge.

Justin Bieber nominated all of his Beliebers:

Sadly, Colton Haynes kept his shirt on the for his ALS challenge:

And here are some more hotties from around the world who have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

And here is a hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge #FAIL: