Gay Couple Spends A Week Living With Anti-Gay Priest For New TV Show

A gay couple is sharing some quality time with an outspoken anti-gay preacher for ten days as part of a new Australian reality series Living With The Enemy.

The gay issue has been given the Wife Swap reality show treatment, as conservative Anglican minister David Ould and atheist couple Gregory Storer and Michael Barnett spend five days at the other’s home.

“Living with the Enemy confronts major issues by bringing together a provocative clash of beliefs, ideologies and personalities that will have audiences shouting at the television”, said Tony Iffland, SBS Director of Television.

“It’s a series that reflects the passion and drama SBS programs are renowned for, by provoking intense public debate on topics that impact all Australians.“

Watch a trailer below:

Also check out BBC’s version of Living With the Enemy, which aired in 1998 and featured two young homophobes who spent a week living with a gay couple in London.