Gaymers, The Sony “Gaystation” Has Finally Arrived!

Gaymers, rejoice!

A Swedish retailer is auctioning off a special rainbow edition PS4 they are calling the “GayStation,” to celebrate the commencement of the Stockholm Pride Festival this week in Sweden. Proceeds will benefit the Swedish LGBT rights group RFSL.

FanBoy adds:

Swedish retailer, Webhallen will be auctioning off a special looking PS4 console to celebrate the festival. It’s just a normal PS4 console, although it’s decorated in many colors. It’s pretty much featuring all of the colors from the rainbow branded with a huge heart in the middle. If you don’t like your black or white PS4, this console might be a good alternative if you are able to get the highest bid for it. It also has a tagline that “#thisisforthegaymers”.

“To a lot of youths, gaming is a helping hand to escape from abuse, or worse in the real world,” said Webhallen on their website. “We at Webhallen are gamers in our hearts and souls, wanting everyone to be apart of the worlds fastest growing hobby, computer and video games.”

Current bidding is at 17,200 Swedish krona, or around $2,500 USD, acccording to Kotaku.