Nash Grier’s Father Says Son Will Atone For Vine Linking Spread Of HIV to ‘Fags’

The father of Vine’s most followed person says his 16-year-old son will work to educate himself and others about HIV to make up for a “stupid and immature” Vine video clip that went viral this week where he linked the spread of HIV to ‘fags.’

Chad Grier claims his son Nash Grier, posted the homophobic clip in April 2013, sharing the clip with his millions of followers. Nash is currently followed by 8.7 million Viners.

Chad says his son made the clip that opens with a commercial that shows two men saying “Testing for HIV. It’s not a gay thing.” The clip then cuts to a close-up of Nash Grier yelling, “Yes it is,” adding the slur “fags.”

YouTube personality and LGBT advocate Tyler Oakley, shared the deleted Vine on Twitter Sunday. “Promoting a false stereotype that HIV only affects gays to his millions of teen fans is extremely dangerous,” Oakley said in the tweet.

We also uncovered several tweets from 2012 and 2013 in which Nash Grier used gay slurs:

Earlier this year, MTV paid Grier to produce a Vine in fancy dress in order to advertise its show, Teen Wolf. Vine ‘celebs’ can make over $10,000 for a six-second clip endorsing a brand or product. AwesomenessTV, a channel focused on teen-created content acquired by DreamWorks last May, recently announced a movie deal with Grier and his sidekick Cameron Dallas.

“Nash is not a hatemonger or a homophobe,” but there’s no excuse for posting a six-second spoof in which the teen yelled a slur against gay people, said father Chad Grier of Davidson.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The father says his son understands his use of the slur hurt people but isn’t sure how to undo the damage.

“He’s a 16-year-old kid living in LA trying to figure out this new world he’s in,” Chad Grier said.

He said his son plans to use his celebrity to spread the word about the dangers of posting things that can hurt people. He will also educate himself about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and help spread accurate information, Chad Grier said.

“My goal is to educate myself and do something positive with what I learn,” Nash Grier tweeted Wednesday. “Again to anyone I offended, I am so, so sorry.”

Our hope is that Nash will use his ‘celebrity’ status to educate others about HIV with a PSA ad or a series of Vines about safe sex.