Anti-Gay Nut Job Tony Perkins Warns Obama Is Going To Start Throwing Christians In Jail

Tony Perkins was joined by Fox News contributor Todd Starnes on the weekend edition of “Washington Watch,” where Starnes highlighted recent remarks made by Rick Warren and Russell Moore warning of the imminent imprisonment of Christians in America by as proof that Christians will indeed soon face jail sentences thanks to Obama.

According to RightWingWatch:

Perkins, who recently warned that gay rights advocates are about to launch an anti-Christian Holocaust, naturally agreed that such arrests are going to “play out very quickly in our day.”

The Family Research Council president told Starnes: “I do think that it could very well come to that in our lifetime. A few years ago I didn’t think it would, not this quickly, but as we have seen the aggressive nature of this administration and this president and the open hostility of this administration toward orthodox faith — we have seen it in the HHS mandate, we have seen it in the numerous cases regarding marriage — I think it is going to come down to that.”

In June, Perkins declared that gay rights advocates are going to start “rolling out the boxcars” for Christians during an interview with Nicolle Martin, who lost her anti-gay bakery case in Colorado.