Angry Christians Flood Burger King’s Facebook Page With Hate, World Responds With Brilliant Logic

Warning: You will lose countless brain cells reading this post. You have been warned!

A colorful burger wrapper with a beautiful message of equality, ignited a growing firestorm of religious hatred over the simple phrase “We Are All The Same Inside.”

proud whopper

You would think this level of outrage would be over a mass genocide or terrorist attack, but instead, thousands of angry ‘Christians’ directed their rage against Burger King for supporting equality and acceptance of all human beings.

The controversy began last weekend when BK unveiled the “Proud Whopper” to celebrate San Francisco Pride. The rainbow-wrapped burger was sold for a limited time at the 1200 Market Street BK in San Francisco, CA.

Many outraged victims, left their angry comments on Burger King’s Facebook page. Luckily, thousands responded to their vile thoughts with brilliant and often hilarious responses.

Here are just a few examples below:

And this guy should have his internet access permanently revoked:


For every negative comment, there were thousands of positive comments praising BK: