Burger King Shares Customer’s Shocked Reactions To Trying Their 1st Gay Pride “Proud Whopper”

Last night, we reported on Burger King’s launch of the “Proud Whopper” campaign over the weekend during San Francisco Pride.

whopper gay2

Burger King’s promotional team released the following statement to accompany the release of an amazing video showing customer’s shocked and emotional responses to trying their new “Proud Whopper”:

Burger King Worldwide, Inc. is broadcasting a widespread message in support of self-expression with a digital film launching today on YouTube.The film was created at a BURGER KING® restaurant at the heart of the San Francisco Pride Parade route where a limited edition PROUD WHOPPER® Sandwich was added to the menu. Guests who ordered the PROUD WHOPPER® Sandwich were surprised because it is in fact, the same iconic fire-grilled WHOPPER® Sandwich beloved since 1957, but wrapped in rainbow colored paper inscribed with a message reading: “we are all the same inside.” The film captures the brand’s new “BE YOUR WAY” spirit through emotionally charged reactions.
proud whopper2

The written message inside the PROUD WHOPPER® Sandwich wrapper, “we are all the same inside,” speaks volumes and truly showcases what it means to “BE YOUR WAYSM”. The intent of the “BE YOUR WAY” global attitude is not to tell anyone how they should live, but rather aims to elevate “HAVE IT YOUR WAY®” to an even more meaningful place.

Watch below:

whopper 1

[H/T: JoeMyGod]