Soccer’s 4 Hottest Man-On-Man Steamy Kisses

It may be a European or Latin thing, but international soccer players have no problem showing their affection for each other, kissing on the field as millions watch their steamy encounters on live TV.

Below, we have compiled some of our favorite man-on-man kisses which have hopefully knocked down a few homophobic barriers overseas.

1) Two French national team players, Mathieu Debuchy and Olivier Giroud, embraced in a passionate lip-lock after scoring a point for their team.

2) Sevilla’s star player Ivan Rakitic, shared a steamy kiss with fellow teammate Daniel Carrico, moments after lifting up the Europa League trophy, setting social media networks on fire.

3) In 2010, Manchester United’s midfielder Paul Scholes shared a celebratory kiss with teammate Gary Neville:

4) Two unknown players share a quick kiss on the field:

Bonus: Soccer players Bardsley and Nolan got awfully touchy feely with each other during a recent soccer match, blowing kisses and fondling on the field: