Watch: Man Comes Out As A Gay Christian: “I Choose To Not Act On My Gay Desires”

“I am a gay Christian,” Grady Smith proudly admits on his blog post titled: “Coming Out As A Christian.”

“First off, what do I mean by the term gay Christian?,” Smith writes. “That’s simple. I mean that I’m a Christian man who believes Jesus Christ…I also happen to be a guy that finds himself attracted to other guys. Please hear this: those two facts are not mutually exclusive!”

Smith also admits that he has not acted on his gay sexual impulses because the “scripture” says its “not God’s ideal plan for people.”

Now, I choose to not act on my gay desires because I think scripture makes it pretty clear that that’s not God’s ideal plan for people. I’m not angry or jaded about that fact, nor do I look at sacrificing my own sexuality to God as a tragedy. To me, it’s simple obedience — and it is not shame-based. I know that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Heck, I was created in His very image! (And so were you!) But, like every other Christian that’s ever lived, I’m simply in the ongoing process of learning how to not give in to every natural desire that I feel — whether that has to do with sex or not.

Smith also says he kept his secret hidden throughout his teenage years, “harboring a heavy secret” on his own:

I spent well over a decade feeling tortured by my own feelings, addicted to pornography, and deeply ashamed of my nature. I used to spend hours on the family computer Googling terms like “garlic” and “Gap hoodie,” frantically hoping that I could push my “gay” searches far enough down the alphabetical auto-complete menu that my parents wouldn’t ever see them.

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