Grindr Conversation Horror Stories: Creeps You Will Find Lurking Online Part 1

If you or one of your friends are habitual users of the gay hookup app Grindr, you are well aware of the shocking and indecent proposals creepy men can send you on the popular app.

Below are a collection of some of the types of men you might find lurking online.

Sometimes you will meet the guy who fucked your brother:

Or the creepy dude who secretly watches you everywhere you go:

Sometimes you will encounter the “Can’t Take A Hint” guy:

Or the bipolar “Can’t Take A Hint” guy who will harass you on your vacation in London:

This “Can’t Take A Hint” Grindr guy loves giving out random Chinchilla facts:

You might encounter this guy with this epic pickup line:

Sometimes you’ll meet fake people who can’t keep their story or pictures straight:

Maybe you’ll meet the guy who refuses to use FaceTime because he witnessed his friend get murdered on it:

There’s always the “Hi, Let’s Fuck” guy:

And maybe you’ll meet the DL guy who took being discreet to a whole new level:


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