Walmart Runs Full-Page Pro-LGBT Ad In NYC Pride Guide To The Horror Of Homophobes

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, has taken out a full-page pro-LGBT ad in the NYC Pride guide, a move that will surely rub many homophobic customers and anti-gay hate groups like the American Family Association (AFA) the wrong way.



Last year, Walmart announced that they would offer a full suite of benefits to its employees’ domestic partners, including those of the same sex. The change would take effect in all 50 states, independent of each state’s definition of what marriage, domestic partnership or civil union entails.

Earlier this week, the AFA launched a boycott against Macy’s department stores for their support of gay pride events across the country.

Here is an amusing excerpt from an urgent announcement on AFA’s website titled “The shocking truth about Macy’s Department Stores”:

Let Macy’s know your family does not join in their celebration of sin.

Most American families don’t know about the contemptible role of Macy’s department stores in supporting “gay pride” throughout the nation.


The radical events and activities of a typical ’pride’ week-end are decadent and highly-sexualized. They are a disgrace to communities and certainly shouldn’t be financially supported by a retailer like Macy’s that claims to serve families.

Sex parades in many cities, among them New York City, Columbus, Phoenix, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Seattle and Kansas City, are supported by Macy’s sponsorship. In Orlando,Macy’s is the “presenting sponsor”of the parade.

The red star that has become Macy’s logo can often be seen floating as a balloon high above the marchers in these parades, and Macy’s employees march in the parade with signs and T-shirts that read “Pride and Joy.” Yet some of their fellow parade participants are partially-clothed and engaged in simulated sex acts, even while children are present. Some floats and signs mock man/woman marriage in support of same-sex “marriage” while others outwardly mock sincerely held Christian faith.

For a complete list of Macy’s sponsored Pride parades and in-store events, click here.

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